What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy, as a general reference, is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. It can be of benefit for resolving a wide variety of problems and/or to achieve any personal goal you may have. As a reference point it doesn’t, however, delineate any specific modality or method. A practitioner using this term might, for instance, only incorporate the use of positive suggestion into their own other method of treatment (like a psychiatrist or psychologist.  Also lay practitioners, who have taken some basic training on hypnosis, can also refer to their assistance as hypnotherapy.


Holistic hypnotherapy, as offered through our Center, is based on an integrative approach, based on the understanding that you are not just a body. You are a unique individual comprised of a mind, body, emotions and spirit. Accordingly, a most effective therapeutic response will examine and achieve a resolution to your issue or goal by enhancing your effectiveness on each and all of these levels.


For instance, unresolved mental conflicts or unhealed emotional issues are common underlying factors that can increase stress levels and even contribute to  physical health issues. Or a lack of faith in life or low self esteem can be a significant factor in discouraging goal fulfillment, while stored trauma of the past can be detrimental to current relationships.


So, Holistic hypnotherapy strives to understand and resolve those factors that have caused negative effects due to such unconscious and indirect stressors . That’s what makes this method typically much more effective in achieving immediate results and long-term benefits, whatever your area of concern. Learn More>>

How does Hypnotherapy Work?

As a generic reference term, it isn’t possible to state how hypnotherapy will work for you, because that will have much to do with a practitioner’s particular background and methodology. All that can be stated is that most hypnotherapy providers are likely to include the use of positive suggestion. Actual methods for inducing hypnosis can vary widely. For example, some methods rely on conversational hypnosis, incorporating positive encouragement into counseling, like a life coach. The use of a progressive relaxation process followed by repetitive positive reconditioning statements about your goal is also a popular approach.


There are many diverse techniques for inducing an altered state of increased suggestibility. Which are used depends on an individual provider’s training and background. All of these aim to by-pass a person’s critical conscious judgments in order to redirect habitual thinking and negative pre-conditioned reactions toward a more positive outlook and instill more productive behavior patterns in support of someone’s goals.


Hypnotherapy often includes the use of creative visualization along with affirmative statements related to a given goal. For instance, a student may be led to visualize receiving high marks on a test or report card. An athlete might picture himself or herself receiving a trophy. A sick person may be guided through positive images of a healing process occurring with a result of renewed wellness, etc.


These basic principles generally apply to the use of hypnotherapy, regardless of individual methods:

-          Identifying a specific problem, challenge, issue or goal one desires to improve upon.

-          Establishing receptivity to the belief that the power of the mind can affect outcomes

-          Generating focused attention on the desired outcome through positive suggestion and visualization

-          Leading the individual to a new approach in their attitudes, outlook and behavior that corresponds positively to their desired outcome. Learn More

What’s the difference between Holistic Hypnotherapy and other types of treatment?

Holistic hypnotherapy draws upon an individual’s own beliefs and values to enhance motivation and confidence in achieving a new outcome. This approach is geared toward self-empowerment rather than emphasizing the authority of the therapist. Regarding the use of visualization, Holistic hypnotherapy  activates and encourages the creative imagination of the client rather relying on scripted suggestions and programmed generic visualization processes. This significantly increases an individual’s responsiveness to treatment and heightened results to positive reconditioning because it is totally personalized to each person based on their specific needs, background and intentions. Additionally, holistic lifestyle changes may be recommended. However, these are only incorporated into a custom-created hypnotic process when seen by the individual as a positive and valuable support to your goal. 

Unlike some hypnotherapy approaches, Holistic hypnotherapy is not focuses on getting a person to see things the therapist’s way. Instead, the Center for Holistic Hypnotherapy focuses on understanding what paths and resources will work best for you, the client.  Learn More