What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy, as a general reference, is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. It can be of benefit for resolving a wide variety of problems and/or to achieve any personal goal you may have. As a reference point it doesn’t, however, delineate any specific modality or method. A practitioner using this term might, for instance, only incorporate the use of positive suggestion into their own other method of treatment (like a psychiatrist or psychologist.  Also lay practitioners, who have taken some basic training on hypnosis, can also refer to their assistance as hypnotherapy.


Holistic hypnotherapy, as offered through our Center, is based on an integrative approach, based on the understanding that you are not just a body. You are a unique individual comprised of a mind, body, emotions and spirit. Accordingly, a most effective therapeutic response will examine and achieve a resolution to your issue or goal by enhancing your effectiveness on each and all of these levels.


For instance, unresolved mental conflicts or unhealed emotional issues are common underlying factors that can increase stress levels and even contribute to  physical health issues. Or a lack of faith in life or low self esteem can be a significant factor in discouraging goal fulfillment, while stored trauma of the past can be detrimental to current relationships.


So, Holistic hypnotherapy strives to understand and resolve those factors that have caused negative effects due to such unconscious and indirect stressors . That’s what makes this method typically much more effective in achieving immediate results and long-term benefits, whatever your area of concern. Learn More>>