What’s the difference between Holistic Hypnotherapy and other types of treatment?

Holistic hypnotherapy draws upon an individual’s own beliefs and values to enhance motivation and confidence in achieving a new outcome. This approach is geared toward self-empowerment rather than emphasizing the authority of the therapist. Regarding the use of visualization, Holistic hypnotherapy  activates and encourages the creative imagination of the client rather relying on scripted suggestions and programmed generic visualization processes. This significantly increases an individual’s responsiveness to treatment and heightened results to positive reconditioning because it is totally personalized to each person based on their specific needs, background and intentions. Additionally, holistic lifestyle changes may be recommended. However, these are only incorporated into a custom-created hypnotic process when seen by the individual as a positive and valuable support to your goal. 

Unlike some hypnotherapy approaches, Holistic hypnotherapy is not focuses on getting a person to see things the therapist’s way. Instead, the Center for Holistic Hypnotherapy focuses on understanding what paths and resources will work best for you, the client.  Learn More